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Now a good part of the people living in Bulgaria gives more weight to the way of heating, cooling and ventilates the residence that they live in. And that should be not only esthetic and comfortable but cheap enough!

The resources for heating become more and more expensive and we are forced to seek new alternative methods for heating and cooling.

This is possible through cauldrons on wood, molded charcoal, pellets, biomass etc.

One of the most modern methods of heating recently is by thermo pumps using the temperature of the earth which is in unlimited quantities! They work with electric energy but the proportion is 1KW = 5KW! I.e. if we use 1KW electric energy we receive 5 KW heat!

There are several methods:
- usage of water through drilling 10-12 m
- horizontal laying of the collector
- laying of the collector in cone-shaped excavation
- earth drill on big depth
- warmth of the air

The ground waters are the perfect source of energy for a single thermo pump!
On the depth of 8-10 m the temperature of the water year-round is 10-12C!
But when there is lack of water the method of the horizontal laying of the collector is used which needs larger area. On the depth of 1,5-2m the temperature of the earth is 6-12c year-round. This is the next perfect source of energy for the thermo pump!

The other three methods are also used.

The next important moment for execution of a particular installation!
This guarantees not only comfort but great amount saving of energy!
The temperature of the floor is 22-25C and the temperature of the air may be 1-2 lower than the normal! This leads to saving of more 6% energy!

Besides the life of the tubing system cannot be compared to none of the heating bodies. It reaches up to 50 years depending on the quality of the used tubes! Current repairs as breaches, breaks of radiators etc. are not needed and the comfort is incomparable! The installation of convectors contributes to the excellent cooling during the summer!

The next moment for effective and economic heating is the thermal insulation of the building! It must be executed with quality materials corresponding to our climate conditions!

For the maintenance of perfect cleanliness in a residence contributes the usage of a central vacuum cleaner!

The ordinary vacuum cleaners, no matter how modern they are, always release a certain quantity dust in the air which is harmful for all but mostly for the children!
That is why using a central vacuum cleaner, installed in the garage, basement or even on the terrace puts an end to that kind of pollution in the residence!

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