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Provident heating
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The company "Zapryan Kabamitov" is established in 1998. It is occupied with designing, delivery, installing of heating installations for mono-familial houses, industrial buildings and greenhouses for production of flowers and vegetables, installation and support of air-conditioners and air-conditioning, Water-supply and Sewerage installations and sun collectors. Designs and constructs subscribers' stations.

sun collector
The heating installations are executed with Czech cauldrons (Dakon, Atmos, Viadruss) on oil, electric energy (electricity), kerosene, wood, wood and coal, molded charcoal and pellets. The installations are executed mostly with copper tubes.

Also heating installations with earth heating are executed - heat pump installations. The energy of the ground waters and the earth is used.

water floor heating

earth heating

Water-supply and Sewerage installations are executed with tubes of polypropylene with high-quality and long-lasting life, without corrosion, they do not permit sedimentation with calc. Installation of hydrophore pumps.

All of the installations are executed with high quality, precisely, with guarantee and out of guarantee support.


Water-supply and Sewerage
Provident heating
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